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We are the New Rural Market

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American MainStreet Publications (AMP) collectively form the 4th largest publication entity in the U.S., making AMP the largest media group serving the hard-to-reach rural market. With our combined reach of over 10 million households1 and over 30 million engaged readers2 each month, there is no other network of magazines as deeply entrenched into this non-urban market.

American MainStreet Publications Map

These magazines have been a family tradition for over 7 decades and enjoy an unprecedented bond of mutual trust and loyalty with their readership. They connect and engage with our subscribers in a unique and meaningful way issue after issue. Promoting community awareness in our pages with editorial dedicated to our readers’

lifestyles including articles on home, gardening, travel, energy, efficiency, recipes, and local events, it’s no wonder that they spend an average of 39 minutes reading each issue. 



1 AAM June 2023 Publisher's Statement
2 GfK MRI 2024 Magazine Prototype

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