The AMP Value

One has to understand the story behind the AMP magazines in order to fully realize the tremendous advertising value they represent. For over sixty-five years, these rural lifestyle magazines have influenced American families and been a part of their daily lives. No other group of magazines offers the unique bond of loyalty and trust these magazines have with their readers.

Our Message:

Magazines with purpose:  Soon after the rural electric cooperatives were formed back in the 1930s, these magazines were created with a purpose: to communicate with the owners/subscribers.

The readers are the owners: That’s right – the magazine subscribers cooperatively own the publications, therefore they have a vested interest in their success and a direct influence on the editorial content and distribution.

Editorially relevant: They also wanted to send important electric cooperative news and make it relevant to their community and lifestyle, so they included articles on local events, home and garden, recipes and more. To further localize the editorial every cooperative has its own customized issue of the magazine.

Not-for-profit:  The electric cooperatives and their magazines are non-profit organizations, eliminating the need for inflated advertising costs.

Geographic flexibility:  Advertisers can choose to run statewide, regionally or nationally. The circulations vary by state but collectively these magazines reach over 9 million homes and over 27 million unique readers each month.   

Convincing evidence:  When measured by Mediamark Research (MRI), our readership trends suggest unprecedented involvement and loyalty from the readers towards the publications. 87% have read 3 out of the last 4 Issues Readers average 42 Minutes per issue 94% trust our advertising over any other source 

Best Opportunities:  AMP is the advertising sales division for these magazines and is owned by them.  Formed as not-for-profit, too, we can provide the best opportunities at the lowest prices for only one or all of our magazines.