WREN Magazine

Circulation: 41,000

Readership: 94,300

Mission Statement:

The WREN Magazine, or Wyoming Rural Electric News, has the largest circulation of any Wyoming publication. Its focus is the economic progress of the people of Wyoming and of rural areas nationwide. Each month, WREN has articles on the safe and efficient use of electricity, along with features on agriculture, business, and education. Its reach includes state legislators, government offices, schools, and libraries.

In 2016, WREN is focused on an issue critical to Wyoming, the generational change that is underway. Local businesses across Wyoming are developing transitional strategies for the next generation of owners and managers. Children of company founders are returning to take over the family enterprise.

A new generation is bringing a new perspective to the management of ranches and farms.  They are seizing opportunities in international markets and are applying new approaches to husbandry and farming.

There are new faces on the boards of directors in the electric co-op industry.

Governor Matt Mead’s program Wyoming Grown is calling Wyoming natives back to the state.

This year, WREN is featuring the stories of these people. It is discovering the new business leaders and what advice they have for their industry. WREN is looking at what the new co-op managers and board members intend for the electric utilities. And it is detailing the impact that all of this will have on the families and communities of Wyoming.