The Tennessee Magazine

Circulation: 580,000

Readership: 1,740,000

Mission Statement:

The Tennessee Magazine is the official publication of Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association. The magazine has the largest circulation of any periodical in Tennessee, reaching over 1.7 million people.

The magazine covers topics that are crucial to its readers, including rural electricity, the energy industry, and the business operations of the cooperatives. Its human-interest features include travel, home improvement, and gardening. And its ever popular photography contests, children’s art contests, and Find a Flag contest receive great reader response. Award-winning recipes are featured in every issue. Upcoming events are showcased from each of the state’s three regions, to provide Tennessee families with more options in their travel and vacation plans.

The Tennessee Magazine is more than an electric industry publication. It strives to find the most interesting people across the state and spotlight their unique jobs, talents, and interests.