Texas Co-op Power

Circulation: 1,540,000

Readership: 4,620,000

Mission Statement:

Texas Co-op Power is like no other magazine in Texas.

With a circulation of 1.54 million Texans—a larger circulation than Texas Highways and Texas Monthly—it offers a unique perspective on rural and suburban Texas. Its roots are firmly set in the proud electric co-op tradition, while its editorial eye is kept on a fast-growing, rapidly changing state. Texas Co-op Power offers features on daily life in contemporary Texas, stories by some of the state’s best writers, electric utility information, and tips on cooking, recreation, gardening, and things to do and places to go around the state.

Texas Co-op Power’s presence in the Lone Star State spans six decades. Many of its 4.6 million readers have grown up with Texas Co-op Power in their homes. Because of this long-standing relationship, readers trust what they read and have confidence in the advertisers they see in the magazine.

Texas Co-op Power readers respond to its advertisers, many of whom have been with the publication for years because they get results. The positive editorial outlook and unique feature stories create a trustworthy environment for advertisers. In fact, 93% of readers say that they are very likely or somewhat likely to trust an advertisement in Texas Co-op Power.

Since life outside the cities costs less, Texas Co-op Power readers tend to have more disposable income to spend on things that enhance their lives. This includes their home and garden, outdoor activities and travel. No other magazine speaks to this unique, non-urban market like Texas Co-op Power.