Oklahoma Living

Circulation: 327,000

Readership: 981,000

Mission Statement:

Oklahoma Living has more circulation than any other publication in the state. Although over 90,000 Oklahoma Living subscribers live in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas, the majority of subscribers live in suburban and rural areas. This makes Oklahoma Living advertising an efficient way to reach a mass audience across the entire state.

Key advertising benefits include:

  • Consistent Results
  • Monthly “Shelf-Life”
  • Positive Oklahoma lifestyle feature content
  • Statewide mass audience
  • Efficient ad investment
  • Website links

Oklahoma: It’s rolling hills, friendly people, and ever-changing weather. No magazine captures the Sooner Spirit better than Oklahoma Living. Whether it’s a rodeo or rock climbing, Oklahoma Living not only tells you who is doing it, where they’re doing it, but how you can do it too. Over 980,000 people read the monthly magazine, making it the largest publication in the state. Oklahomans not only read the featured articles and advertising, they hold on to copies of Oklahoma Living, refer to the publication often, and send it to their family and friends.

Oklahoma Living features rural and suburban lifestyle articles and photography, including travel, recipes, gardening, ranching and outdoor recreation. Editorial features highlight the unique demographics and geography of the state, from the wooded mountains of eastern Oklahoma to the high plains in the west.