North Dakota Living

Circulation: 104,000

Readership: 312,000

Mission Statement:

North Dakota LIVING is a magazine that captures what’s in the hearts and minds of North Dakotan’s who live and work in this great state. A monthly publication for nearly 60 years, North Dakota LIVING offers readers and advertisers information that’s important and useful, as well as entertaining, covering the issues and events North Dakotans are interested in and care about. Plus, North Dakota LIVING includes recipes, household tips, reflections from readers, healthcare information, history and travel articles, the latest in technology news, a section dedicated to teenagers, local and statewide news and more!

North Dakota LIVING has the largest circulation numbers in the state, reaching approximately one-third of the state’s total population.

  • Over 98% satisfaction with the contents, look, and design of the magazine.
  • 75% of North Dakota LIVING readers keep the magazine around their homes for anywhere from a week to six months and 10% keep the magazine longer than six months.
  • Readers that are homeowners are rural and urban, living in towns both large and small.
  • The average reader is well-educated, middle-aged and earns an above average income.

There’s something for everyone in this publication, and that’s one of the reasons it’s the best-read, largest circulation publications in North Dakota. With high circulation and readership numbers, North Dakota LIVING is North Dakota’s #1 publication and continues to be the publication that North Dakotan’s enjoy most.