Kansas Country Living

Circulation: 128,000

Readership: 384,000

Mission Statement:

Kansas Country Living magazine’s presence in the Sunflower State spans six decades. Many of our readers have grown up with Kansas Country Living in their homes. Because of this long-standing relationship, they trust the content of Kansas Country Living and the advertisers seen in the magazine.

Each month, 128,000 homes and businesses check their mailboxes for the latest issue, which includes articles on rural living, energy efficiency, travel, recipes and issues affecting rural Kansas. Our readers look forward to…

  • Around Kansas: This column highlights the various events, festivals, and fairs across the state. In each issue, our writers go in search of unique places to visit when traveling Kansas.
  • Cook’s Library: Our readers’ favorite column shares tales of culinary delights and features a new cookbook each month.
  • Energy Efficiency: In this section, we discuss the latest news, provide tips and dispel myths regarding energy efficiency.
  • Recipes of the Month: These pages showcase new recipes guaranteed to satisfy the appetites of our readers.

No other magazine in Kansas speaks to the unique, rural market like Kansas Country Living. If it is important for you to reach rural Kansans, you should advertise in Kansas Country Living magazine.